Panama First art toy

Inspired in Art, Conservation and Prehispanic heritage


Tesoro Mistico

Our brand philosophy is to create Art that inspires and educate at the same time. Our first art toy RANNI, inspired by the mythical Golden Frog, and prehispanic sculptures from Panama, is the first exclusive art toy in the market..

Paint me!

Use any paint, marker or pencil, our Art Toy its the perfect canva for your ideas and imagination.


MAde for our planet


Preserving our heritage…

Our natural treasures not only are inspiration for the form, but also we use materials that dont harm the environment. We dont use plastic or vinil in our art toys. If you want you can paint it white again, and reuse it as many times you want. 

Tesoro Mistico is made in Makers Space Panama, Ciudad del Saber in Panama.